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What is
Community Energy?

Community Energy is about people coming to together to reduce energy use, purchase, manage and generate low carbon heat and power.

Community energy projects are often delivered collectively by a group or organisation with a a focus on engagement, local leadership and strong positive outcomes for the local community

Community groups often have distinct, specific localised goals with an overarching benefit of tackling climate change, energy security and making energy affordable.

Who are
Community Energy South?

Community Energy South (CES) was established in 2013 as an umbrella organisation and regional hub enabling its members (local community energy groups and community organisation) to grow as sustainable low carbon businesses in the South East of England.

Community Energy South is now based in Lewes and is supported by a core steering groups of Directors who all have the wealth of experience in the industry.

Community Energy Pathways

Community Energy Pathways is a programme run by us at Community Energy South. It enables local authorities and communities to work collaboratively to accelerate the growth of the community energy sector across England, and help us all reach our Net Zero targets. Our Pathways programme supports local authorities in delivering their climate change strategies and mentors established and emerging community energy groups in their area. Already we are running Pathways with Essex, Hampshire and Surrey County Councils and South Downs National Park.

All local authorities are now being invited to join our Pathways programme to establish a thriving community energy sector in their area. To find out more, please click here.  

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